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Swap Your Old Devices With Sleek Wireless Machines To Accept Payments

The credit card payments have made the life of both the merchant and the customer easier. This is the reason why more and more businesses are opting for different ways of accepting card payments. Choosing the right mobile payment solution, out of several thousand solutions that are floating around, for your business has become very easy these days. You just have to replace the heavy and expensive hardware by a sleek Wireless Card Machine. These high end services can be obtained by paying the Merchant Processing Fees and to avail these services you have to open a merchant account with your service provider. All you have to do is select the best pricing package that will work great for your business.

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  • Discover More About Credit Card Payments Using PDQ Machines

PDQ stands for Process Data Quickly. The PDQ terminal is an electronic device which is used to process payments that have been done by using credit or debit cards by the customers. Several types of PDQ terminals are available in the market suiting your business requirements. If you have a fixed settlement, then countertop machine, that uses a telephone or broadband connection, is ideal for you. On the other hand a Mobile PDQ Device is commonly used in restaurants, bars or cafés, where it is taken to the customer to carry out the debit or Credit Card Processing for a transaction.

  • Get The Card Machine Which Is The Right Fit For Your Business

The Static PDQ Card Machine is integrated with an ergonomic keyboard for easy PIN number entries, and quick and fast loading thermal printers for printing receipts. The self-installing and easy to use Credit Card Processing device is very fast and reliable to operate. Just plug-in your device and follow the prompts to get it started. The static PDQ machine accepts all major debit and credit cards and therefore, it allows you to process a wide range of transactions resulting in huge profit on your sales. All the transactions are fully authorized and if any fault is found, the transaction is automatically declined.

  • Get Flexible In Accepting The Payments By Buying Yourself A PDQ Machine

With the advancement in the payment processing technology, now payments can be made through any medium of our choice along with speed and security. The countertop or Static PDQ Card Machine is perfect for a stationary location where it is used at your point of sale areas, whereas the Portable PDQ Machine is commonly used in food joints and retail businesses. You can easily carry the handheld machine to the customers for accepting the payments. By introducing such latest and innovative ways of paying bills you can attract a lot of customers and make your business grow as never before.

  • Sell And Buy Safely Using The Merchant Processing Services

The present day payment system, involving the use of credit or debit cards, requires an overall coordination between the card holder, the merchant and the bank. Hence merchants today have a well set role that requires them to take on the responsibility of efficiently authorizing, authenticating and processing all customer payments. The merchants using both fixed point Credit Card Processing terminals and wireless machines charge a certain amount as Merchant Processing Fees for their intermediary role. The fee structure varies as a merchant may charge either per transaction fee, monthly fee or even a one-time fee depending on the method of payment processing and the general rules of the bank. (The best advice we be to have an in-depth discussion with a trained advisor like the live chat at