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Stock Music for YouTube Videos

Video producers and those who are regularly making videos and uploading to YouTube are often looking for background music to enhance their video production. Often however, there are complex licensing issues that surround finding the right background music for your videos. It’s not possible to simply select the track you like and then place it behind your video. YouTube has a complex Content ID system that will monitor the music used in your video, and if you have used music that you do not have the license for then you will be penalized and often fined.

So how do you find the right music for your project? Fortunately this is where stock music comes in. Stock music or as it is often referred to royalty free music, is music that can be used in your projects for a one of licensing fee and then used forever. Usually priced around $30-$50 it is affordable and the quality is high. Gone are the days of the so called ‘elevator music’. These days stock music is of very high quality and there are literally thousands of composers out there writing quality tracks that can be used in your productions.

Here at the Beat Orchard, we do our best to do a lot of the searching for you. Unlike a lot of the other royalty free music libraries, we do not accept all the submissions that come our way. We see absolutely no benefit in having 100,000 tracks in our catalogue if 99,000 of those are rubbish. All that does is waste your time while you are searching for music. After all – you are only going to license 1 or 2 tracks! We are very selective about what goes into our catalogue and only choose the best composers. That way, you can be assured of the best quality stock music at all times for your project.

You can filer your search results by genre, tempo and even by specific composer if you happen to like a specific composers work. We will soon be adding yet more and more filters where you can search by mood, end user (TV, radio, youtube video, game) and also instruments. So if you are looking for a sad piano piece – we got you covered. Just select piano from the instrumentation tab and then ‘sad’ from the mood selector and see the results.

Stock music is about enhancing a productions values and we believe that making the search for it as easy as possible is important to our clients. If you can’t find what you need we are always on hand to help. You can drop us a line using the contact us for and we will reply – usually within 8 hrs. We appreciate that the reason you choose us in because you need a quick licensing solution and as such we will find you the music you need fast. We also offer custom composition solutions if you have a little more budget and require something unique to your production. So no matter what your stock music needs are – we got you covered.